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(no subject) [Sep. 18th, 2006|03:23 pm]
heres the thing elif is still alive.
im at www.beautifulworld.wordpress.com
happy monthsary to us. :)
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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2006|03:18 pm]
My teacher, my advisor, my confindante, my friend... found out that her niece is my girlfriend. And she told me to drop all my subjects and adviced me to shift to a different course. I still havent gotten over the thought of the person who so called told me to be professional in every situation -- to be so unprofessional. My hatred for her has risen from hell to heaven. I hate her. i hate her to the depth of my soul. its not just that. MY girlfriend is going home to davao. I mean!!! fuck making her go back to davao wont make her straight. but thank you ! thank you for messing up our lives.. our future.
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When did it not exist? [Aug. 18th, 2006|09:39 am]
[Current Location |Silliman University Main Library]
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[Current Music |chair's legs moving against the floor]

when did it not exist? Homophobia.

It's 10 in the morning. I'm in the library. Waiting for Joe to text me so I could go study at her place. I went drinking last night. THere's this promo at some bar here. We had margarita. I was with the masters students in Biology. By 9 pm I had to go over at Joe's place to wer off the alcohol. I can't go home drunk. My parents doesnt usually notice plus margarita doesnt smell. But I just felt it safe to do so anyway.

Alfred took me to Joe's bhous and then I slept for a few minutes with her hugging me. SHe teased me. She likes it when I'm drunk I think. I hope I'll get to go out tonight. So many invitations I dont know who to go with. I cant go with joe. . . she'll be with her org then. *sigh* But I' hoping to spend time with jan, eik and joan....

I saw joan on my way here. She's been busy with her being nursing. So is Chutz.. I missed them. Sobra.
I cant wait till founders day. THen I'll be able to get wasted and have SOO MUCH FUN.

I wont be spending time with Joe on founders day though. her parents will be there. But with so many activitites. I still cant wait!!!

My hair is growing longer. :)

Joe gave me this cute lacey spagheti strap for our monthsary. I'm wearing it now. She doenst usually want me wearing straps when I'm out because she's scared of me going home alone with this. But since we'll be going home together ok lang.

I just came from the elem. I'll be having an IPR thing with the pysch students --- they'll be handling an activity for y-buds. I use to be a y-bud girl. :) Proud to be one. I had alot of good memories.:)

I havent eaten yet. Me and Joe's getting fat. We eat alot. We spend so much for food and coffee.

I'm so different from who I was a few months ago. I'm even fun to be with when I'm drunk now. And I can gooble a few bottles of rh before getting really tipsy. Fun fun fun... Ilove it.

I feel more productive tooo.

doesnt exist.

I was reading some of my entries from my previous blog and the whole topic was her. I just cant believe... :) nev mind.

I'm confuse still as to who to go out with tonight . doesnt really matter just want to ...
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OHMYGUHD!!! [Aug. 17th, 2006|02:07 pm]
I think I had too much coffee today. I had a cup for breakfast and then when I was on my way to school to meet up with JOEBEhb I met eika. Joe's classes doesnt end till 10am and twas still 9. Eika invited me for coffee at memento. So I did, havent hanged out with her for quite some time. AND THEN Joe met up with us after her class. Ate peanuts and talked and laughed and was soooo tempted to get some bottles of beer. (of which I am addicted to i think ---ive been having daily cravings... and ive been drinking everyday almost for the past few weeks. Not with joe with some bio friends).

And then after meeting up with eika me and joe dropped by at her house to take a shower because it was sooooo hottttt.... too hot. igang hot. oily hot. (get the picture???).

then we went to chantily because it was cool there. her class starts at one pm. I didnt have class the whole day. I'll have my midterms tomorrow the whole day and my teacher gave me the whole day off to study. *phew* and then we had coffee. I must have more than 4 cups of coffee. More than I usually have in a day. I feel so extatic. Oh my gooodddddd.... I feel like jumping up and down and dancing my ass off. Gawddd...

I'm having a sweel day though. I slept really early yesterday. How early? as in 6 pm early and woke up around 8. It was one perky happy morning. AND MONTHSARY NAMIN NI JOTHAN!!! hahaha...

Joe wants to see a picture of my ex. I've no idea... we laughed the whole time we were in chantilly and it was so fun fun fun fun. she had bolognese. No we had bolognese for lunch. Then we talked about our schedule for this weekend. No class monday. I'm worried about sleeping over at her place the whole weekend. My parents would probably kill me!!!!

I'm joining ... hopefull PanHell next sem. Its my dad and joth's org. I'm a bit nervour about the initiation. The paddle and pschy war and all. I noticed all the panhell guys have really strong personality.

School's been great.

And oh yeah.. Tita juvy invited us for lunch last weekend. It was sooo fun. First girlfriend i had dinner with my family. hehehe.. it was cool. tita juvy was really nice to both of us. And my dad knows joe na. And he seemed ok with it... just be careful because hes a good friend of her family... being brads and sis and all. Because joe's parents are also panhel. Its pretty cool. we have almost the same background. I hope we could save enough money for davao. Eika and jan and joan are all set .... my friends might help me ... im not ready for the trip didnt have any plan to go... untilll ... hahahahah

Its lunch naman diay. Have to eat. ~end
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hmnn [Jul. 28th, 2006|10:17 am]
No ones really going to read this but i just need to vent out. My ex boyfriend's ex girlfriend is pregnant and its my exboyfriends fault. and hes leaving her (sure glad i broke up with him for a girl). and now the ex girlfriend is crying for me for help. So whats a lesbian got to do? Fuck it. ive no responsibility over women who are stupid not to use a condom or birth controls when they're having sex and under 30. stupid. I'm annoyed at how shed cry and how pathetic it was. basta basta basta. yes im mean. fuck it. thats mine to handle.
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(no subject) [Jul. 28th, 2006|09:55 am]
Defenseless I fall. Just when I start liking being alone. I fall. Our balanced. From a sweet kiss spun around me. The best part? She lives in my uncles building and shes the niece of one of my family friend. and shes hot. and extremely smart. We both are pretty busy with all the shit in school. We go to the beach, river... bars on weekends. So i guess its alright. I love it. Will post pictures when i get the chance. I'm in xanga now but i guess i just had this thinking that i had to update all of my blogs. I've uploaded 5 already. two more to go. sweet.

I always thought nursing majors were close to my heart. Hhahahaha..
Now. I'm just happy I got away from the kunot belly and fatso. :) I'm stuck with perfect figure and perfect tan.. excellent swimmer. ate babes. thanks for the advice. it went perfectly well.

I'm hungry. I have to wait for an hour till her class is over. Then we eat at her apartment. sleep for a few mins then run off again to our classes. The good thing is that i dont have a curfew here and i can sleep over anytime. and the place is my uncles so i dont have to sign up everytime i have to go there. perfect.

I like our little trivial shit everyday. . . for someone younger you do know shit babe. I'm proud of you and you know that. BIO ROCKS!!!!
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(no subject) [Apr. 16th, 2006|06:56 pm]
hey.... miel's birthday on friday... hoping to bring... *shhhh...* shes near. wahh gota write this fast. long story..... miel knows... cant wait
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(no subject) [Apr. 11th, 2006|11:30 am]
oh shit.. i hate throwing up this much... when will the baby come out. *sigh* i'll be with miel to day i hope. i hope.... bwhahaha. its complicated.... ahm... but...
miel's nothing but sweet though. ..................shit. the thing is........ waaaaaaaaaaaaah.... basta... malipayon ra bitaw.. hahaha..:D
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wahhhh... [Apr. 5th, 2006|12:40 pm]
The sweet gestures of a man...
I never thought I'd feel. Or even care about. I love how strong ones hands can be. I love the edge of his jaw. I love how sweet smeling he is n(FOR a guy)... I love how smart. I'm starting again. *sigh*

Two months pregnant. by the way.
Either its the manila rapist or *smile* Non of your bloody bussiness. :)
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(no subject) [Apr. 5th, 2006|12:31 pm]
Teth messaged me in friendster. Of course I still remember you!!!! Hahaha...

I had a dream last night. My hand got hooked with an ice peak. I just stared at it. Smiling as the blood drip al over the floor. then he came. All majestic. my knight in my shining armor. Where've you been... silently... i smiled. Hugging him...

Now i have to go have coffee with him. hahaha... will post pics next time. :)

If you get to read this ...
If I ever give you the address..:)
I'm falling hard. And the fun part... YOu have no idea..:) mwah! ahy! you HAD no idea at least.
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